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The Penthouse

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The penthouse was located in the tallest building in the area,and it was only ten stories tall. The penthouse occupied the entire tenth floor.

Unless you were in a helicopter, the Penthouse could only be reached in three ways.

The main private elevator that was controlled by a key or by a keypad in the penthouse.

On the other side of the tenth floor ,tucked away far out of site was a service elevator,went from the loading dock in the basement of the building straight up to the Penthouse. It was controlled strictly by the keypad in the Penthouse or in the guardroom off to the side of the basement loading dock. Only the owners of the Penthouse had a key to override or operate the service elevator.

Around the corner from the private elevator thru a door was a narrow stairwell for use in case of a fire. The doors to the stairwell could only be triggered open ,and done so automatically if a fire alarm anywhere in the building went off.


There was another fire stairwell attached to the outside of the building on the back side.

But it only started at the ninth floor and went down to the second floor.


on the outside of the building at the tenth floor level with the bottom of the floor to ceiling windows was a outside ledge. Three feet wide it circled the tenth floor and prevented any access from the ninth floor..

The ledge could be accessed by a window on each side of the building.

The privacy of the ledge was a sanctuary for Chris.

None of the other seven of his 'roommates would venture out onto the ledge.

If any of the others were on 'kill' duty, they would do it from each of the four windows.

Only Chris would venture onto the ledge and he loved it, he would stroll around the building on the ledge scanning the surrounding area for any deaduns to dispatch.


After being stuck.....trapped on the tenth floor penthouse with seven other strangers for nearly two months....every one was riding the others nerves... for Chris the ledge was the perfect getaway.


At the present time Chris was on the west ledge,taking advantage of the late evening light hoping to maybe spot a wandering deadun or two he could get rid of.


He sat cross legged on the ledge,his back to the wall,he was using a rag and gun oil to clean his rifle,lovingly making sure he could give the best service to the rifle he could. The rifle was his pride and joy. He had been on the road for several weeks ,finding it safer out in the openness of the country,until he ran low on supplies. He carefully ventured into the next city and happened to run across a gun shop,empty of course, but while he was snooping around to see if anyone had missed something he could use, he stumbled across a private security vault that nobody had found.. It took him two days of avoiding/hiding from deaduns to break into the vault...what he found was pure treasure.

The door of the vault opened into a good sized walk in room. He found one very special rifle. He could only guess that a very talented gunsmith had gotten hold of a special ops government rifle and then improved on it some more.


The rifle was not much bigger than the old army m-1 rifle and it had a small ordinary looking scope attached to it.

That was where normal ended and every man's dream of a weapon started.

Chris discovered when he held the rifle to his shoulder to check the scope that he held a very special weapon. where he held the rifle at barrel and trigger,under his fingertips he found some small buttons ,Ten on the barrel stock,five at the trigger guard.

It took Chris nearly two weeks to inspect the weapon and learn all its functions

Looking thru the small but very powerful scope was normal until a button or series of buttons were tapped did things change.


The gun dam near did it all all a idiot had to do was point it tap a button pull the trigger and something got a high velocity slug blown into it.

Chris decided the rifle was smarter than some people he knew.


Along with the rifle he found Two thousand 'special' rounds and twenty thousand normal rounds. Far to much weight for him to carry while on foot.

He took 200 of the 'special' rounds and 200 of the normal rounds. Hiding the rest of the stash until he could return for it.


Finished cleaning the rifle he used a small tripod to rest the barrel of the rifle so he could do a slow scan/search of the area with no strain to his arms.

He nestled his cheek into the stock and looked thru the scope,tapping a few buttons and the scope automatically adjusted to the light of the waning day,once it got dark it would be in full infra red vision. Living humans would show as red and the deaduns showed as a green. if it showed green...shoot it.


For the moment he did not locate any targets. Chris leaned back against the wall for a moment. He was almost daydreaming when he picked up a slight movement out of the side of his eyes. He quickly spotted a point of reference and bent to site in with the scope. He was having trouble siting whatever had made the motion he had glimpsed. He touched a button on the rifle and the scope view widened out to a wide angle view. Chris slowly tracked over the area he knew was within range of the movement he had seen. A flicker of movement and he was able to site in and saw it was a woman,slowly picking her way thru the trashy cluttered street ,heading in the general direction of the building he and the others were holed up in.

Even tho she was still six blocks away,Chris thumbed a small sensor and zoomed in on the figure......brought her vision so close he felt he could reach out and touch her...He saw that she was about his age,he traveled the scope over her body and could see no fresh wounds that could signal her soon becoming a deadun


Chris climbed thru the window and walked to the main room,walked over to his lock box that he kept his ammo in,opened it and began preparing himself for a trip outside the building.


Bobby,the self proclaimed leader of their little gang of seven wandered over,watched for a few minutes then asked...

"uuuh,Going somewhere,Chris?"

Chris ignored the other man for a moment as he slung a gun belt around his hips,belted it and tied the gun grips tight to his legs. he pulled 2 pistols out of the locker,worked the slides on each,checked that each held full magazines,settled the guns into the grips and finally answered... "Yea...saw something and I'm gonna check it out.."

Bobby began to bluster and complain... " Yea Chris you don need to go out .hell you might attract more deaduns to us...."

Chris looked at Bobby...shook his head reached into the locker and pulled out the special forces knife he had also acquired,turned to Bobby,holding the knife up into the light to inspect the blade and commented.." You trying to tell me what to do now Bobby?"

Bobby tried to bluster some..."really Chris what reason takes you out there and possibly put all of us in danger?"

"I saw someone."

"Saw someone? Jeez Chris you know we don't have any room for someone to join us...."Chris turned to stare at Bobby...

Bobby,you little Fuck.....We got a ten story building her...and if I can find and save enough humans to fill it to the brink and save them from facing that GoddDamn nightmare outside...Then I by God will."

Bobby tried one more threat..." Chris,if you leave I may have no choice but to lock you out..."

Chris broke out in a hearty laugh..."Bobby..if you are That stupid...if you block me from coming back in..especially if I have some survivor with lock me out Bobby...I promise you I will bring this building down around you...I will find you and I will fucking kill you dead...just so you will come back as a deadun so I can have the pleasure of killing you a second time.."

Bobby's skin turned white as he gulped and stepped back several feet from Chris....




Chris descended down to the fifth floor and took time to site in on the person he was going out to help. He discovered the person was now about four blocks away,he also noticed a few deaduns were closing in on the person....Chris powered up his sniper rifle and silently dispatched the few that were a little to close to the human...

Satisfied that he had time to leave the building ,he slung the rifle and hurried down the remaining floors to the back loading dock. he unbarred a side door and silently let himself out into the narrow alley.......he hugged the alley wall and approached the entrance into the street..Chris stopped at the end of the alley and slowly looked out into the street,studying the lay of the land,deciding on a route to take him to the survivor.

He knew that by now any deaduns for blocks around would be aware of the human being in their vicinity and all of them would be staggering in that general direction searching for that precious living flesh to eat.

to be cont.